High Priority Courier & Delivery

High value, high priority or legally sensitive documents and items of importance should only be trusted to secure, qualified insured professionals. Hollywood Playnight offers discreet, safe, reliable courier & delivery services that are on time,highly securedand efficient.

With licensed, bonded and insured security services. Hollywood Playnight offers a secure and easy way to safely deliver any parcel or package. You can always rest assured that your package or parcel will be in the best hands and reach its destination quickly, safely and be seen by the right personnel.

Even when mail services confirm delivery, while having strict delivery protocol, there’s still a lot of room for error and unauthorized interaction. There could be loss or unauthorized discovery of the item due to it being intercepted or mishandled.

With Hollywood Playnight’s experienced and well-trainedCourier Chauffeurs, you can rest comfortably knowing that you package or parcel has arrived safely in the hand of the person designated as the main recipient.

Your package and parcel will always be under a watchful eye surrounded by total discreet security. There will always be a Courier Chauffeur and a chosen trained security assistant to ensure that your package or parcel doesn’t fall into the wrong hands or any other unauthorized individuals.

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