VIP/Executive limo Services in LA

Most executives, actors, musicians, pro athletes, and other celebrities are accustomed to personable, personalized, high-end ground transportation. There are very few that don’t expect perfection from a VIP White Glove service. Even people in the industry that don’t have access to such luxury, should be treated with the same attention and care as the top artist in the world. This is why we offer our executive car service in Los Angeles.

We understand how demanding client & event itineraries can be. No matter your destination, Hollywood Playnight will transport you and your guests/clients in discreet safety and style. Our five-star, LA limo service never changes and our vision of excellence stays at the same level of perfection at all times.

We work together with agents, publicists, line producers, talent coordinators, business managers, and major studios to ensure a quality, safe, discreet, luxurious LA transportation experience.

Your talent team, executive staff, and personnel will receive the best in White Glove limo Services in LA at all times. Whether it’s a small business meeting & event, a national meeting event, a large group function, or a single VIP or executive. Hollywood Playnight is dedicated to providing the best car service in Los Angeles at all times. To learn more, please click on our “Contact us” link or call our office at (818) 244-5401

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